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The Global Health Network Training Centre

In this section we bring together information and links to academic and professional online education and training relevant to pandemics, across organizations and disciplines. There are also eLearning courses available at The Global Health Network Training Centre, written for staff of all roles, across all regions and diseases to be globally applicable. Specifically for COVID-19 response and management, there are a collection of training resources covering clinical management, prevention and control, ethics and community engagement and education here.

Developing expertise in pandemics is central to the work of the IGPP. The IGPP PhD Programme recruits’ home and international students onto 4-year fully funded scholarships at the University of Warwick. Applications are invited annually (January) for the start of the next academic year (September); to keep up to date follow us at @igpp_warwick.

During the first 6 months of the programme, otherwise known as the MPhil/PhD in Public Health, students will attend a variety of taught courses, with the aim of complementing and widening their expertise from undergraduate and any prior postgraduate training. During this time, the students draft their PhD proposal together with their chosen PhD supervisors.

Each student will have supervision from academics in at least two of the main disciplines of the Institute, taken from the Warwick Medical School, Warwick Business School, or the Department of Mathematics. Students will share research space to support the cohort in learning together as well as benefitting from their main departmental affiliation.

At the end of the initial 6-month training period, students will be allocated to one of four different award titles (most suited to their chosen area of study):

  • PhD in Public Health (Behavioural Science)
  • PhD in Public Health (Mathematical Epidemiology)
  • PhD in Public Health (Pathogen Diagnostics)
  • PhD in Public Health (Pandemic Response Planning)

Learn more about our current students, and faculty here.