Fighting COVID-19 with Epidemiology: A Johns Hopkins Teach-Out

This is a course for anyone who has been curious about how we identify and measure outbreaks like the COVID-19 epidemic and wants to understand the epidemiology of these infections. The COVID-19 epidemic has made many people want to understand the science behind pressing questions like: "How many people have been infected?" "How do we measure who is infected?" "How infectious is the virus?" "What can we do?" Epidemiology has the tools to tell us how to collect and analyze the right data to answer these questions. 

Measuring and Maximizing Impact of COVID-19 Contact Tracing 

This course aims to provide managers and developers of contact tracing programs guidance on the most important indicators of performance of a contact tracing program, and a tool that can be used to project the likely impact of improvements in specific indicators. [Free, 3 hours]  

An introduction to individual-based models in epidemiology, and to inform health policy - Andrew Phillips, University College London (lecture)  

This course is intended to be an accessible introduction to individual-based models in epidemiology and health policy.