COVID-19 Data Analysis Using Python 

Here is where you can learn how to preprocess and merge datasets to calculate needed measures and prepare them for an Analysis. The COVID-19 dataset here is published by John Hopkins University and consists of the data related to the cumulative number of confirmed cases, per day, in each Country.

COVID-19 Data Visualisation Using Python 

Here is where you can use data visualization techniques to answer to some analytical questions. How does the Global Spread of the virus look like?, How intensive the spread of the virus has been in the countries? Does covid19 national lockdowns and self-isolations in different countries have actually impact on COVID19 transmission?

Infectious Disease Modelling Specialization

Mathematical modelling is increasingly being used to support public health decision-making in the control of infectious diseases. This course aims to introduce some fundamental concepts of mathematical modelling with all modelling conducted in the programming language R - a widely used application today.

How do mathematicians model infectious disease outbreaks?

In this first online-only Oxford Mathematics Public Lecture Robin Thompson, Research Fellow in Mathematical Epidemiology at Oxford and expert on the modelling of infectious diseases such as COVID-19, explains what mathematical models are.

Resources on Global Health Modelling

Free online courses for those wishing to learn more about mathematical modelling - whether that is understanding modelling analyses and results, or learning to code a model from scratch.